Let’s start with a simple custom element. Now, let’s use something like http-server to serve this file locally: Next, make sure you are inside the folder where you have created the index.html file and run the following command: Web components with their custom elements, shadow dom, html imports and html templates are the future of the web platform and how we’ll build apps in the future. Tutorial built with Angular 9.1.3. Notes: Input will named in kebab-case for example (post-image instead of postImage) Tutorial built with Angular 9.1.3. The base application. Using components is beneficial in many ways. Create a concatenate.js file in the root folder of your project then add the following content: You need to install fs-extra and concat from npm using: Now that we have one file that holds our custom element. Let’s create a new index.html file inside the output folder where our custom element is built and add the following code: We include the custom element using a